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Get Coaching Clients by Driving Traffic to Your Blog

How to get coaching clients and drive traffic are the biggest challenges many coaches face with internet marketing. We spend many hours creating the perfect site and adding content to our blog but often wind up disappointed at the amount of traffic that we see.

Traffic generation is not some mystical or magical event it is the result of consistent hard work. You must use all the tools available to drive traffic to your site and you must do this on a daily basis.

I suggest that coaches begin by using free tools like making sure your blog is search engine friendly.

First, let me say that driving traffic to your blog is essential to the growth of your list and your coaching business online. You must have a list of people who are interested in your niche and are potential coaching clients who will become customers.

Your blog is great for communicating your information but to have a successful coaching business your blog must also be great at converting readers into customers.

SEO for Your Blog

Your blog should generate traffic all by itself when it ranks high on searches for keywords that relate to your target coaching niche. We would all like that to happen and there are many ways you can increase your search ranking by making basic changes in the way your blog is set up and what you write about in your blog.

Domain Name

Your blog should have keywords in the domain name. For example, if you are a relationship coach who specializes in divorce then your blog should have the keywords divorce, relationship, or coaching in the name. You can certainly have more than one keyword in your domain name.


Your titles should also contain keywords for your target coaching niche. Your titles should be enticing and keyword rich. It is wise to use a common keyword phrase in many of your titles. For example, I often begin my titles with the phrase “get coaching clients”. This will drive traffic to your blog.


Within your blog posts, you can add links to related blog posts as well as links to products that you are affiliate products you want to promote. You can also have links to your own products that relate to the topic.

It is also wise to ask for comments or to encourage readers to make comments by writing about controversial topics, taking a controversial position on a topic, or just asking for comments or opinions. A little controversy is a great way to get people to pass your blog post along to another person and drive traffic to your blog.