3 Different Types on Customizing Messenger Bots

In the world of AI we now see Facebook Chatbots coming up to the forefront. AI (Artificial Intelligent) is basically any program that learns from experience, so perhaps we can learn something from this message?

The first type of Messenger Bot is a Customizable Bot. What is customizing? It is basically altering the design of a bot so it can carry out a specific task.

You might be asking, what is a customized bot? Well, any bot can be customized and this includes Facebook Messenger Bots. Basically any bot can be modified, added to a list of bots to run on a specific network, or be added to a list of only bots to run on a specific network. Customization is a tool used by bot operators to improve the performance of their bots.

Messenger Bot Customization A great example of customization is the new Enhanced Messenger Bot. This Messenger Bot will notify you when someone replies to your post, and they will also not end up sending the same reply, but a slightly tweaked one.

So what types of things can customizing do for your bot? For example, it can lessen the occurrence of spam comments and can enhance it's search engine rankings. So what does the search engine ranking do?

Well, the higher it ranks in search engines will generally have more traffic. The higher traffic the better. It is especially important when you have a lot of traffic because it will increase your chance of getting potential customers.

Another function of Customized Bots is that if you have a lot of bots running and a lot of traffic your bot may run out of resources and messages. By having a Bot Manager that will not use up all of the available resources you can improve your boat's performance.

Bots are generally very versatile in the way they can be used. They can perform a wide variety of tasks and can help businesses increase traffic, and of course be used as chatbots to interact with their clients.

Bots can automate most, if not all of the tasks associated with an online business. Some examples of tasks could include sending a variety of different messages from a simple email, to posting relevant replies to online conversations.

A third type of bot, one that does not follow the customization model, is the mobile bot, which has additional features that are added to the basic bot. Mobile bot adds additional capabilities, such as purchasing products, or tracking future customers.

Why Bother Customizing a Bot? First of all, bots will save you time and money by doing everything that you couldn't.

Secondly, bots are cheaper to develop than a regular bot, and the resulting bot will be doing many of the same tasks that a regular bot would. So take advantage of this, and create a personalized bot that will perform tasks for you.