Bridge Cranes – Ergonomically Designed Work Station Cranes

These work station cranes can be permanently mounted to the ceiling to allow space efficiency in a limited work area, or they can be freestanding, using anchors to secure them, to offer a portable, non-permanent solution that can grow with your production process.

A properly designed ergonomic material handling system can adapt to any operator, and has been shown to reduce work injuries and worker compensation claims. To know about mini crane hire services in Sydney you can search the browser.

Work station cranes ergonomically move products to eliminate unneeded lifting. Not only do they offer ease of movement and positioning of materials, but they allow improved utilization of your workforce since physical strength is less of an issue.

Manual bridge cranes are considered to be more productive and time-efficient; however, motorized work station cranes can be used over inaccessible areas such as vats or pits.

It is essential that your lifting system fit your workspace. A jib crane will cover a circular area. Bridge cranes are ideal for use in a rectangular workspace.

Loads can be moved to any point within the rectangular area formed by the bridge span and the runway length. Bridge cranes can be manufactured using lightweight rail (250-500lb.) or heavy-duty rail (1,000-2,000 lb.).

The distance you need to move your products or materials is going to be the biggest decider in which work station cranes you consider. Bridge cranes cover more distance, and in fact, can be custom designed to cover virtually any distance.