Care Your Feet With Best Hammertoe Treatment In Baltimore

A hammertoe is a deformity of a lesser toe (2nd through fifth toes), where the toe becomes bent up at the foot's midst joint, including a hammer. The bent portion could rub a shoe resulting in pain, irritation, and development of corns. 

It is brought on by wearing shoes that are too tight or thin, when the next toe is significantly larger than the first, and thus result as a complication of arthritis and certain neuromuscular conditions. You can go for the right hammertoe treatment in Baltimore via according to your need. 


Initial phases of hammertoe are elastic and might be treated by conventional measures like strapping, padding, and wearing footwear that is appropriate. Surgery could have a tendon transfer procedure, where a tendon is calibrated in the trunk of the toe into the very top, to pull on the flexed joint down and straighten the toe.

Stiff or fixed hammertoes could be fixed by combined resection or joint combination (permanent removal of their toe), which involves cutting tendons and ligaments of the joint and removing a portion of this bone to help straighten out the joint. 

The straightened toe is held by pins for 34 weeks after the operation. Hammertoe correction is generally performed under local anesthesia on an outpatient basis. There could be some swelling, redness swelling, and swelling after surgery. 

A distinctive shoe could be supplied to help with walking. Just like any surgical operation, hammertoe correction could be associated with a few risks including infection, bleeding, nerve injury, or inadequate functioning of your toe.