Choose Executive Business Accommodation

For those CEOs and handling directories doing business overseas in the eighties, if it was not the first course, they did not wish to understand. First-class travel, first-class lodging – at the very best  resorts.

Executive lodging today, however, is a totally different story. This is the trashiness; this artificial gold bedcover lost indefinitely and electricity suits (eventually ) dumped. You can book business accommodation via


In an era of benefit and austerity, now's company lodging is self-evident, slick (but not flashy) and most importantly, comfortable.

Where it once used to be all about the five-course meal including escargot and caviar, the focus now is on rolling up your sleeves and flexing your cooking muscle. Today, executive apartments allow you to dine your clients in style – but more importantly, in an environment that evokes the luxuries and comfort of your home.

For businesses and corporate organizations, apartment accommodation is becoming increasingly attractive, not least because it shows the multi-talented nature of their staff (cordon bleu cooking and closing a million-pound deal? What a star).

Renting business accommodation is much more cost-effective for companies; the rates are more competitive than those of a hotel, and for companies on the shaky financial ground, every penny counts. It is the best choice for you.