Everything About Spray Tanning

The spray tanning method is a new method for sunless tanning. It is technically something that is similar to self-tanning cosmetics as well as tanning beds.

When you visit a spray tan salon, they will send you to a spray-tanning booth where you will be treated with a particular mist. After a couple of minutes, the treatment is complete and in just a few minutes you’ll get the look you’d like.

What’s the procedure?

The mist that is used for spray tanning is made up of DHA which is a chemical that reacts with the skin’s outer layer causing it to turn brown. It works in a similar way to tanning lotions, however, the booth and sprays ensure that every part of the body parts will be evenly covered in DHA.

How long will it last?

Because it works within the outer layer of the skin (the “dead” layer) it is possible for the effects to last for as little as a week and usually fade within around four to five days.

It is evident that spray tanning can be a fantastic way to appear gorgeous for a brief period of time. Of course, it is possible to go to a tanning salon every week and keep your complexion’s color for years.

Do I have the ability to make it last for a bit longer?

The skin replacement process is inevitable, however, you can prolong the life of your tan by making sure you perform a few things prior to getting started with the process of spray tanning. These are the ones you should consider:

Moisturize: Apply a water-based moisturizer prior to the treatment. This will aid in the process of helping DHA to grow into your skin, and contribute to the longevity of your tan.

Exfoliate: Exfoliate your skin and clear its outermost layer of dead cells that are on the verge of disappearing. The mist will only dye those cells which are intended to last for more than an hour or two.