Facts About The History Of Audi

The German sport luxury brand Audi has been influential in defining customer tastes and controlling the European touring industry as a whole. The Audi brand has been associated with making high quality, reliable, and well-engineered vehicles for nearly 100 years.

Indeed, the "four rings" logo of the company represents the union of four distinct German automotive manufacturers under the auspices of Audi. To know more about Audi 0-60 times you can surf internet.

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Horch Company that originally booted Mr. Horch absorbed by Audi and makes one of the four rings. When World War II ended, the Soviet Union occupied the eastern part of Germany during the post-war era, the company adjusted, taking all of its assets, and by August 1948 the company no longer exists.

One year later thanks to state loans and Marshall Plan assistance, a resurrected Audi at the scene resulted in delivery vans and motorcycles.

In 1960, Audi began what many consider to be a historic run to the top of automotive excellence. New models were developed several that are also marketed as Volkswagen models for that era.

In 1980, Audi shook the automotive world to its foundation when it released the Quattro sports car, a vehicle with full time all-wheel drive and a turbocharged engine.

Today, Audi continues to grow and compete with the entire top luxury brand in the world. new technologies including the Audi Space Frame all-aluminum body – known as stiffness and improve crashworthiness – is one of the highlights of a brand that does not settle for second best.