How business psychology works for us

Business psychology affects us every day

Psychology influences the decisions that are made every day. With psychology affecting so many areas of our lives, we rarely consider the huge impact it has on our population every day. One of the most influential areas of psychology is economic psychology and organizational psychology.

How business psychology works for us

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This area considers how people make decisions and what their purchasing decisions are based on. Before making a purchase, some factors determine whether you will make a purchase or not. Knowing these factors and how to use them, whether in sales or advertising, is an important part of psychology.

Sales psychology

The first important area is the psychology of sales. The "psychology" of what motivates people to buy goods or services affects advertising, be it on television, radio, movies, or the Internet. The way products are packaged and sold is an important part of psychology.

Psychology in real estate and investment banking

Take real estate, for example. It's no coincidence that Century 21 focuses on yellow jackets and standard processes with its brokers. Brokers are trained to complete sales. This training is based on knowledge of sales psychology, from designing logos to presenting real estate.

Organizational psychology

There is also the impact of organizational psychology on starting and running a business. Knowing how to create a business for efficiency, for both the employee and the business, ultimately makes a big difference. Psychology helps figure out how to best use work. Psychology also helps determine which colors and environments create a more productive workforce.