How to Manage Physical Exchange Server Database Corruption

Microsoft Exchange Server is powerful and dependable software to provide a successful messaging environment. But in certain scenarios, the Exchange Server Coding might encounter physical corruption and severe data loss scenarios happen. Discover more information about business server technician through

How to Manage Physical Exchange Server Database Corruption

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The bodily corruption is critical since it destroys the information and also you have to have a comprehensive backup to overcome such circumstances.

This is important to discover physical corruption in the early phase and also repair the matter immediately. In the event when the backup isn't available or incomplete, you want to elect for EDB Repair solutions to receive your valuable information back.

The Way to detect bodily corruption

Physical harm to the Exchange Server Tracking or Info Shop may be identified or noticed from the under errors in the Application Event Log of Exchange Server:

You might also detect physical database corruption by producing an internet backup, that's the advocated a technique of Microsoft to backup info. Making online backup is the greatest choice to find database harm as it checks each page in the database.

The Way to Stop physical corruption

The most excellent means to reduce database corruption would be to use surge protectors into your PC. Never try to use any document level usefulness, like anti-virus and anti-virus, against EDB file. If you do not have appropriate battery backup, never allow write-back caching.


If the database backup doesn't exist, you may utilize Eseutil.exe tool with fix choice to execute EDB Recovery in these scenarios. However, this program isn't safe in any way. It deletes all of the damaged pages of this database also makes it function.