Making Yoga Better With Props

Yoga practice is simple – all you need is a mat and you can do your asanas almost anywhere. But what about those blocks, bolsters, and belts stacked in the corner of your yoga class?

Pause for a moment before rejecting yoga props as a 'crutch' for the novice or even a sign of weakness. The fact is that the props play a key role in yoga and yoga practitioners even experts often employ props in their practice. You can get extra wide yoga mat at various online stores.

Let's find out more about how these props can help in yoga:

Supportive Supplements – Props possible for everyone to practice yoga with ease, regardless of their age, physical condition or level. Difficult Pose can be accessed even if the body is stiff or painful.

Think: Is there anything wrong in achieving far-reaching forward bend with the help of a block and get the benefits of the pose?

Source of comfort – While yoga slowly pushes your body beyond its limits, it does not mean your body tortured without reason.

In fact, trying to reach a difficult pose makes the muscles stiff and tense causing unnecessary discomfort and pain. Finding comfort in a suitable prop, and slowly you will be able to drive your body to pull off his own pose.