Prerequisites Of Yoga Warm Ups

Yoga forms one of the three main pillars of the ancient traditional practice. Yoga refers to the part of physical exercises. The entire philosophy behind yoga is to cleanse a person physically, mentally, and spiritually before experiencing the real aim of uniting with the supreme creative force. Therefore, one can say that what we know as yoga today is only the tip of the iceberg.

The entirety may be too much for even a thousand lifetimes to handle. Fine art yoga is meant to perform basic cleansing of the physical/tangible aspect of humans, that is, the body. The body is the product of the earth, gets easily afflicted by diseases, disorders, and deformities.

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Yoga is meant to rectify these imperfections and restore order in the body, thus purifying the same from unnecessary contaminations. Since yoga is physical exercise, exertion cannot be ruled out. Be it a beginner or, an advanced learner, each will have to confess the impact of a certain level of exertion while performing their set schedule.

Yoga postures and poses include a variety of stretching exercises, bending exercises, posture holding, and repetition of forms. Each muscle group, bone joints, organs, and organ systems are touched and benefited by these poses. Therefore one can have a fair idea about how much impact these simple forms can cause.

As a beginner, a learner invariably finds the postures not only difficult to achieve, but also to cause some pain or, discomfort to the body. While minimum pain and a moderate degree of discomfort are more usual than not, severe pains, muscle tear or, ligament damage are extreme and undesirable cases.