Proper Golf Club Grip Tips

The proper golf club grip can do far more to influence total ball trajectory than everything else in the golf game. For this reason, we have started out with the proper grip. It's actually the cornerstone of the swing, and a quick correction for those of you that have unsuitable golf ball flight shapes.

When you get a golf club your hands will be the only part of the body that contacts the club. For a long time, the hands (grip) have commonly been reported as the steering wheel of the golf swing. This could not be more accurate. Mastering the proper golf club grip may make participating in this game an infinitely more enjoyable experience.

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The more you hold the actual club within the fingers, the faster you are able to swing the club, and the more immediately the club face will close. When you grip the club further up in the palm, the more sluggish the golf club will move and the more time it will take for the clubface to close. In case you are slicing the golf ball, you will want to transfer the grip more into the fingers (the base of the fingers), should you be hooking the golf ball, you will need to move the grip much more in to the palm area (higher up in the left hand).

Place the club up in your left hand, the club should go along the left palm- from the base of the index finger to the pad over the little finger.

At this point, support the shaft securely with your left fingers and wind your palm around the top of the grip.

Start with your right hand on the side of your right thigh, gradually draw it towards the bottom of the club.

The right hand is going to be positioned on the golf club more in the fingers rather than the palm. You will just fold the right hand around the fingers of the left

Your palms need to face each other. It isn't a hard thing to do nonetheless it is essential, absolutely no gray area.

There is 1 final thing we need to deal with to end these tips on the proper golf club grip. The amount of force you apply to the club performs a serious function in the way you swing the golf club. The tighter you grasp the golf club the slower one's arms will swing and the longer the clubface will require to release in the downswing (bringing about a slice).

This is a good point if you hook the golf ball. This will most certainly prohibit the golf ball from curving from right to left. However, if you have problems slicing the golf ball this degree of grip pressure could make the ball slice more.