Reflective Wear: A High Visibility Apparel

Reflective sportswear is high visibility clothing items that are made with reflective fabrics that consist of a mixture of base cloth and micro-glass bead. Glass bead works as reflecting light in dark. 

The reflective garments are so much in trend and popular among athletes and sportspersons. Mens reflective t-shirts  are the most wearable item that is worn during exercise, gym, workout, and running. It shines and gives reflection from far.


The clothing apparels which are prepared by reflective fabric are thick, good quality item, and ultraviolet resistant. Various types of garment are designed with reflective fabrics, especially sportswear manufacturing companies use reflective fabric as raw material for making training essentials. 

Reflective training essentials work best for those who run the long marathon because it helps a runner to protect themselves from hitting with vehicles on the road.

There are mainly three colors which are used by the clothing manufacturing industry for making  reflective clothing items:

  • Fluorescent red color
  • Fluorescent orange color
  • Fluorescent yellow color etc

These colors not only enhance the visibility of garments but also give a unique and sporty look after wearing them.

Apart from workout wear and gymwear, the reflective fabric is also used for making other apparel like shoes, handbags, hats and cap,  and other wearable stuff.