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Swimming Pool Maintenance – 3 Essential Pool Maintenance Steps!

Having a pool at home is fun but along with that comes the responsibility to make it clean and safe for swimming, not only to make the water inviting, but also make sure it is safe for your health. Here is a simple pool care guide that you may find useful.

Clean the surface of your pool from leaves and other debris using your leaf net. Clean up the environment as well and make sure that swimmers cannot bring dirt from the environment into the pool.  

Among the important steps you can take to keep the pool clear and clean water is to ensure that the pH of the water is balanced. You can then proceed to the pool sanitation you to get rid of bacteria and microorganisms to make it safe for swimming. You can check this out for getting more knowledge about maintenance services online.

Another important step you should take is to shock the pool, also called super-chlorination, to prevent water from causing irritation of the eyes and skin and also will prevent water from getting cloudy or from having chlorine smell. This is important especially open to the public or if your backyard swimming pool has been widely used. You can do a surprising three to five times a week depending on the swimmer load.

If you do not want the clear water turns green, prevents the growth of algae that causes this green color. You can find algae inhibitors to prevent them from rampant your pool. Algae can also make the pool your slippery thus making it dangerous for swimmers, thus, ensure free of algae and other slime.