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How To Use Auger Machines

It is easy to dig holes in the dirt when you have a post hole auger machine. But what if you are digging those posts yourself? The only solution for all of your digging problems is an auger. You can also buy one-man auger for sale by browsing to https://groundhogparts.com/products/modelone-one-man-earthdrill

Post Hole Digger: Comparing a 1 man vs a 2 man Auger 

One man augers are designed to be used by one person. They are built with lighter parts and typically the holes they drill may be smaller in diameter than a 2 man auger.   

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A one-man auger will have smaller handlebars meant to be used by 1 person and be less powerful than a 2 man auger.   

One man augers are built with a reverse function so the drill bit will reverse out of the hole, bringing out any soil with it.   

2 man augers will have two sets of handlebars: one set for each person. They are designed for more heavy-duty work such as drilling through heavy concrete, thick with roots and rocks. Our top pick after testing for a 2-person or "deli" post hole digger is Earthquake Auger.

Some of them don’t come with a reverse function, meaning you and your work buddy will have to manually pull the auger machine from the hole you’ve just drilled in the ground.