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All About Boer Goat Farming

Goat farming is being widely practiced today. It not only promotes environmental welfare but can also be a decent source of income. This article will catch a glimpse of Boer goat farms and what is needed.

Boer goat farming is simple than other goat farming. Boer goats are famous for their strong resistance to disease. This is a large contributor to their lifetime which can reach up to 14 years. In addition, they are very adaptive to unfavorable environments.

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In general, Boer has a white body, a redhead and long ears that resemble Nubian goats. They have a very manageable temperament and high growth and fertility rates. Unlike other goat milk and fiber breeds, Boer is indeed a very good mother for their offspring.

Compared to breeding cattle or sheep, goat farming is more profitable. The focal point for the Boer business is the quality of meat. And they producing high-quality meat is proper nutrition and environmental management.

Boer breed farms are very different from sheep or cattle farms. Some use Boers to improve the environment by removing weeds. Some use it as a supplement for sheep and cattle. Others only focus on mere Boer offspring.

A good consideration for raising a Boer goat is a fence. Once a Boer knows how to escape, it will be difficult to save it.