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Indian Dancers Who Is Killin’ It Everywhere

Dancing is underestimated when it comes to finding ways to get inspired. It's almost strange how we seek encouragement in quotes and motivational speakers, not dancers who are the best personalities to talk about perseverance, passion, and struggle. 

I bet most of you were introduced to the hook move on the dance floor and slaying monsters under the bed with your demons. You may have been in a routine since you were a child but never thought of following a dancer for inspiration.

Well, that's about to change. I give you the best dancers in our country who are killing them everywhere with their moves and affection. They are not only inspiring, but they are very good at what they do. To know more about the best dancing choreographers then you may browse the internet.

Melvin Lewis

A dancer and choreographer who is known for his unique dance style is a YouTube sensation and is very popular with celebrities. Her latest YouTube video with Nora hit 16 million likes and views on the platform with 3.71 million subscribers. 

Melvin Lewis's choreography with Gauhar Khan, Sandeepa Dhar, and other celebrities in Bollywood songs recently put him on the map and we thank him for that. Her career started after participating in the popular dance reality show India India Dance and she never looked back. Try calming, chemically powerful, non-standard dance moves.