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Hire the Best Architecture in Melbourne

With so much focus on today's environment, the more architects and contractors turn their attention to design and build a structure that minimizes energy loss. These designs reduce the energy needed for cooling and heating regardless of equipment or energy sources used for climate control. Architects build features that reduce energy demand by avoiding waste. Three main characteristics of building energy efficiency are bioclimatic architecture, building envelopes, and controlled ventilation. You can find out the best architecture in Melbourne via http://aimarchitecture.com.au.

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The architectural design utilizes the best environmental resources, including solar energy, based on local climate. The compact form of such a building has fewer surfaces that come into contact with the exterior. The main door and window facing south if possible. The indoor floor plan takes into account the requirements for heating account from various interior spaces.

Building orientation ensures openings have protection from solar heat during the summer and winter. The protection from the sun during the summer may come from shade trees or exterior treatment with surface and reflective colors. Installation of passive solar radiation collection systems reduce energy requirements for household maintenance.

Building envelopes physically separate the exterior and interior environment. This outer skin determines how effective the structure can utilize natural resources for heating, cooling, ventilation, and lighting.