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Content Marketing Effective In Building B2B Brand Awareness

When it comes to promoting brand awareness, recent studies suggest more firms are putting their time and money into content marketing.

Firms participating in the multi-partner study estimate more than 25 percent of their budget expenditures currently go toward creating content; with about 50 percent relying on a combination of in-house and outsourced content. Roughly half of these companies plan on investing more resources toward developing copy in 2011. Every companies knows how much content marketing is essential for business growth.

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Quality content usually consists of more than just words. Video views per user on the Internet have risen 80 percent this year compared to 2009, according to a comScore marketing research survey.

With video viewing quickly emerging as an Internet pastime, it only makes sense to take a multimedia approach when developing a content strategy plan. A flip cam and video editing software is all that is needed to post videos on your website.

Additionally, screen capture applications allow B2B firms to enhance content such as blog posts where a graphic aid might assist in explaining a more technical topic.

Producing timely and relevant content is vital in engaging the interest of your target audience. Quality content will also drive up customer conversion rates, generate more visitors to your website and boost B2B SEO rankings.