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Arguments for Actos Court Case in L.A. Court

An Actos lawyer for the plaintiff denied this argument in the Los Angeles state court by stating that Takeda failed to warn the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) about the findings of an internal study conducted in 2004, which revealed the relationship between bladder cancer and drug.

To prevent billions of dollars in drug sales, lawyers said Takeda officials waited seven years to notify the public about this data. If you are searching for more details about closing arguments for Actos lawsuit court case in L.A court then you can contact with expert diabetes drug attorney via Diabetes Drugs Lawsuits.

This Actos suit filed by retired cable splicer, who took Actos for two years before the diagnosis of bladder cancer in November 2011, is the first of 3,000 claims to be heard in the US. The trial began on February 19.

The patient, in this case, said he became "seriously ill" from bladder cancer, and accused Takeda of failing to warn consumers about the potential of Actos to cause or worsen the disease. The deliberations on whether Takeda should be responsible for these charges ended on April 16, Bloomberg.com reported.

"Selling diabetes medicine is big business in America," argued the plaintiff's lawyer. "There is a lot of money to be generated. But companies are not allowed to underestimate risks. Patient safety is No. 1."

Of the 3,000 cases of Actos filed in the U.S., around 1,200 are currently in federal court proceedings currently underway in the U.S. District Court, for the Western District of Louisiana. The jury in Los Angeles has not yet reached a verdict regarding this Actos lawsuit.