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The Best Jewelry Synthetic Diamonds

A woman’s best friend, better known as a diamond, delivers a magnificent sparkle from any angle. Although an authentic diamond is an impressive gem, it is also tremendously expensive. Luckily, there are fake diamonds that exude the same spectacular radiance as a natural diamond. Here are some of the advantages of purchasing simulated diamonds.


Depending on the size and cut of a particular diamond, the cost can exceed several thousands of dollars. For most people, the hefty cost of a natural diamond can put a major dent into their budget. In some instances, a loan has to be taken out in order to acquire an engagement ring. On the other hand, simulated diamond is very affordable. This is good news for jewelry enthusiasts that love the appeal of a natural diamond, yet does not want to endure the massive expense.

Incredible substitutes for real diamonds


Remarkably, simulated diamonds are able to display the same stunning twinkle that is emitted by a natural diamond. A specially-made machine cuts the simulated diamond with laser-sharp precision. The finished product contains ideal cuts that are flawless upon inspection. Only a high-tech device will be able to tell the difference between a quality synthetic diamond and an actual diamond.

Conflict-Free & Environmentally-Friendly

Beneath the glitz and glamour of a natural diamond lies a very tragic history. For decades, thousands of people have lost their lives because of the warfare over diamonds. For some people, the negative undertones of a diamond are just too much to bear. Not only are simulated diamonds conflict-free, but they are also manufactured using a very environmentally-friendly technique. Unlike harvesting a natural diamond, the earth remains completely untouched during the entire process.

2.5% of sales go to orphans

Socially conscious simulated diamond jewelers such as Diamonius recognize the importance of lending a helping hand to those in need. For every item sold, the company will give 2.5% of the profit to orphans. Prospective buyers will get a feeling of satisfaction knowing that they are doing their part to help disadvantaged children to thrive.


Just like a natural diamond, a simulated diamond will look dazzling for many years to come. The owner of the synthetic diamond will not have to worry about any discoloration or fading over time. Synthetic Diamonds are definitely constructed to withstand the test of time.