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Need For a Portable Water System

The need for a portable water system does not only come as a result of natural disasters. People in different places in the world do not have a clean water supply. It also increases the demand for portable water purifiers. 

Portable water devices fall into three basic categories: 

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– Pumps/purification systems

– Pour through/gravity feed unit. 

Filter bottle is probably the most widely used and most economical choice in the market. As with almost everything else, you do not need to buy the most expensive bottle to have safe water. 

Most water purifier bottles contain a simple carbon filter, many of which can be substituted for extended use as well. Some of these operate only on one filter, and others will need to be changed several times depending on the use. 

One thing you need to know when you buy this type of water purification system is a type of bacteria and particles you will need to sift through. Different purification products are designed to remove different pathogens. 

These devices range from small sizes that do nothing but improve the smell and taste of water to large units that can clean contaminants from the thousands of gallons of water. You just need to do complete research before buying the best portable water bottle purifier for your needs.