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All You Need to Know about Flexible Magnetic Strip

A higher energy flexible magnetic strip is also designed for the purpose of requiring larger magnetic energy. A more powerful magnet will have all the same options for printing as a common variety.

Flexible magnets and magnetic strip are two types of rare-earth magnets. The second is the weakening of the samarium cobalt. It may be less strong, but it really excels in high-temperature conditions.

pole configurations2

 In addition, it is an alternative that is more expensive and is usually only used if needed to contain a greater resistance to the high-temperature sources. They are usually made into small blocks and discs, but the ring and larger blocks can also be found.

Neodymium magnets are the most powerful magnets available. It is the only choice when maximum energy becomes necessary. They usually nickel coated to protect the fragile natural and comes in blocks, discs, and rings. The maximum service temperature is typically around 125-150 degrees Celsius.

Those are the most elementary magnets available today. Additional options include tool-specific magnets and there is a whole gamut of choices for customized jobs.

 Both these magnet varieties would be best dealt with in their own posts as they both have many variations. If you have demanded not met by these fundamental magnet types you may want to examine the personalized options with a reputable supplier next time you obtain magnets.