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Useful Tips For Selling 1960s Hats Online

Not all vintage hats can be sold for hundreds of dollars online, so do not assume that the ones you are selling are of the same value, even when it was created by the very same person. Novice sellers can get lucky and sell a hat online for a pretty big sum. However, if you want to attain consistent resale prices for your 1960s hats, you should know what to do when buying hats for your resale business.

For customers, buying from novice sellers are a game as they do not have that much information about the item being offered. Since collectors have no way of inspecting and trying it, all they can do is rely on the truthfulness of the seller. Here are useful tips that will help you build trust with your customers and have fair prices.

Always remember to be reasonable and treat people fairly to get good feedback scores. To build customer confidence, positive feedback must be consistent. Buyers cannot try on and inspect the item, so they rely on the listing, that it provides a through and accurate information regarding with the age, size, and condition before making a decision.

Before taking a photograph, spruce up the hat and inspect it thoroughly. While wiping down your hat, check for any defects or damages and take note of it. You need to take a photo of the defects, so buyers would be informed about it. Disclose all information like if the rims are loose or missing, there are broken stitches, stains, holes, etc.

Take good quality pictures. If the pictures does not make your hat look good and it does not show all the details, then it will not be able to attract more customers. Taking pictures of a hat is more difficult, so you have to do your best to get a good angle of your items. Good quality pictures are the key to attracting a good number of customers.

The description should be accurate and truthful. Never say that your items are awesome even if it is not. The information you have acquired during the inspection should be the same information that you put on the description. Accurately disclose the defects present to avoid your customers from making bad reviews about you.

Use correct terminologies. Describing a hat incorrectly only signals the buyers that you are still a novice. This only put doubts into their minds when it comes to your reliability. If you do not know what is the correct term, just make use of generic terms like floppy brimmed, straw, felt, etc. Do your research to know the worth of your hats.

Do your research before setting up the prices. How much it should be is a difficult question to answer. The price of vintage hats varies greatly, and even experienced collectors could only estimate the worth of a particular hat. When setting a price, think of their capacity and willingness to pay. The money you add should be reasonable enough.

Properly package the item. You will be shocked by the number of hats that arrives damaged because of not packaging it properly. Do not fold or disfigure them. Even those that are made out of felt and flexible straw can arrive misshapen when you bend its brim just so it fits into the box, so properly package and secure your merchandise.