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The Effect Of Intranet Solutions In Business

When we start developing new intranet platforms for companies of any size, we always ensure that we are made aware of the organizational culture of the company, because we need to ensure the modern intranets have interfaces and applications that are aligned and have the maximum chance of being adopted by target users.

Ultimately, this ensures that the sponsors are satisfied with the outline of the intranet platform project, mock ups, applications and functionality, and are willing to proceed with advancing the project, including handing over implementation responsibilities to the designated project team. You can also get best business intranet solutions via https://www.klarinetsolutions.com/intranet/

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It is common knowledge that organizational culture is expressed in shared values and practices throughout the company and can be supported by modern intranets. This is formed by several factors, some of which are external to business – such as law, regulation, business climate, industry – or are part of inheritance – such as history, ownership, and role models.

Cultural factors that need to be considered when developing a modern intranet includes company values expressed, technology used by the organization, whether the company continues to look forward or inherited from the past, freedom of expression of individuals etc.

Difficulties in changing organizational culture are well documented, very important and must be considered when developing a modern intranet.

Changing the cultural aspects of an organization is very important every time the competitive landscape changes and old ways of working and attitudes no longer produce lasting benefits that the company has enjoyed historically.