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Tips When Using Paddle Boards

Hawaii is known for huge oceanic tides that occur along its beaches. Paddle-boarding is a coastline activity enjoyed by tourists. One may involve in lying, kneeling, or standing up surfing according to his or her skills and experience in paddling. If not careful, this activity can be dangerous. To understand the tricks of stand up surfing, one needs to know the following tips when using a stand-up paddle board in Maui.

Put on the right cloth for surfing. Check the weather conditions before going into the water. In case it is sunny, dry clothes like shorts, towels, t-shirts, and flip-flops are the best. If it is cold, ensure you put on thick suits that are thermal and waterproof. Like any other sporting activity, the right clothes will make a huge difference in the experience you get.

You need to know how to attach the leash. Surfing boards have leashes which are put on before going to the water. Make sure the condition of the leash is good and then wear it above the ankle in your dominant leg. There should be no knots on the leash if everything is done in the right manner. Identifying the dominant leg should not give you problems because it is always used to kick a ball.

Take note of your balancing techniques. Just like riding, balancing is the biggest challenge. You can prevent falling by attaining the perfect posture. Ensure you stand up at the center of the board and straight with your legs slightly apart, and the knees bent. Always look forward and avoid looking down. In case you start losing balance, lean forward, get lower, and get the paddle out to regain stability.

As a new surfer, you have to know how to hold the paddle. When in water and holding the board in the hands, one hand should hold the top of the board while the other should be around the center. Make sure that this enables a comfortable balancing point. The grip bottom should be a little bit than the width of the shoulder.

You need to keep your surfboard moving forward. You have to use the main stroke to attain this movement. Always start at the front, drag along and finish at the back, ensuring the paddler runs parallel to the board. During this process, keep a relatively relaxed grip on your paddler stick, and the torso unwinding will facilitate a forward motion.

Turning will happen at one point during the surfing process. It is essential to have basic turning skills. Depending on the direction of the turn, you need to know the forward stroke, backward stroke, and sidestroke. The sidestroke is the simplest stroke, and it enables you to turn the board either left or right. If you want a faster turn in either direction, then the most efficient way is the back and forward strokes.

With all this in mind, you need confidence. It is a driving factor in engaging in this kind of sporting activity. One needs to be confident in the acquired abilities and skills. It can be risky losing self-confidence while surfing as it can be a case of life and death, especially when there are high waves.