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About Penbbs Fountain Pen

Penbbs fountain pens are one of the best pens in the world. One of the advantages of these pens is that they are easier to write than ballpoints, rollerballs and fountain pens.

The simple reason for using the pen is mainly because they do not require additional pressure when composing. This is because when writing, the ink flows onto the paper without any pressure at all. If you are looking for the best Penbbs fountain pens for elegant style then you can consider the pen world.

Penbbs Fountain Pen

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The pens normally come in various designs and models that reflect character. This gives you status and you tend to have high self-esteem. Since they are easy to work with, the pens are usually fun to write with. This makes your writing fun and exciting.

For the pens to look elegant for long, you need to clean them. Here are tips on how to clean them.

What you need

You need household ammonia, paper towels, and clean water.

Cleaning the nib

You should remove the pen body from the pen block and then remove the ink reservoir or cartridge. Then you should fill a clean syringe with cold water and hold the pen nib on an empty plastic cup and squeeze the water from the syringe into the nib.

You should refill the syringe with water until the nib clears the water. Once the water is clear, you should remove the syringe and if the nib needs extra washing or it is full, you should fill the syringe with regular household ammonia.