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Plumbing Problems – The Best Way to Unclog

Fortunately, clearing a clogged toilet using a flange plunger is 1 plumbing job that virtually every DIY handyman may handle.Nearly every bathroom clog is brought on by a foreign object stuck in the bathroom trap rather than at the drain tube. You can even talk to the experts from the Residential service company.

To the extreme instance of your children flushing something such as a tennis ball down the drain.

Providers Needed:

  1. Flanged rubber plunger – This kind of plunger includes a flange at the end.  It's designed especially to fit bathroom drain outlets.  

  2. Rubber gloves – Make no errors we're working with waste, which will make this kind of messy job.  


  • Assess the water level of your bathroom, by adhering in the plunger and making sure that there is sufficient water to cover half the flange.

  • Bear in mind the plunger flange is your part on the end, that's intended to fit in the drain outlet.  When there is not sufficient water to cover the flange halfway include a few. 

  • Position the flange straight over the drain socket and push , and this will produce a seal.   

  • If the water starts to drain, then you've unclogged the bathroom.  The very best way to get started clearing a clogged toilet is using a flange plunger.  

In case you've attempted to precede technique, along with the clog will not budge. It would be smart to move onto a more potent air controlled plunger.  Eventually when the atmosphere assisted plunger fails, then use an auger, prior to calling a professional plumber.