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Genuine Quality Ceramic Tiles

Classified according to 2 product components:

Dry ceramic tile

The modeled tile is coated and burned at high temperature, which melts the enamel and mold color and creates a stronger protective layer than semi-dry pressed ceramic tile.

The color is always resistant to adverse environmental conditions; Batako does not crack, does not mold and is suitable for cold sores. With dry ceramic tile, you often have a very high surface hardness, which prevents scratches and is slip resistance. Even you can also directly contact a Leading Tiles Manufacturer online.

Semi dry ceramic tile

This type of brick is usually of a lower quality and cost than dry ceramic tile, because the bricks are less strong and brittle and break easily. In the case of enamel, the tile surface is more prone to cracking or yellowing due to its high water absorption, and lower scratch resistance.

Classified by purpose

When we classify ceramic tiles according to their purpose, we divide them into two categories:

Ceramic floor

Ceramic tiles often have high load-bearing capacity, low water absorption, good abrasion and good slip resistance. Ceramic tiles have different quality standards depending on the manufacturer.

• Wall tiles

Since this type of brick is often used for decoration, it is more aesthetically pleasing and other standards do not require as high a value as ceramic tiles.