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Selecting the Best Second Hand Forklifts

Buying second-hand forklifts is a great way to find the forklift for your warehouse without spending as much money as a brand new forklift would cost.

There are many excellent used forklifts that you can purchase online, at an auction, or through classified ads. Knowing what to look for and how to choose your second-hand forklifts will be the best way to save money and get a forklift that will serve your needs.

You can buy various types of second hand forklifts online also.

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The first thing to consider is the weight and size of your loads. Most warehouses stock a standard size pallet, but not all of the goods stacked on the pallets are the same.

Calculate how much each pallet weighs in order to ensure that you get a forklift that is able to carry that much. Overloading a forklift is likely to cause it to tip over and cause an accident, which is why it is vital that you calculate the amount of weight your forklift will need to carry.

The height to which your pallets need to be raised is another factor to take into account. There are a number of small forklifts that can stack pallets two or three high.

However, if you are running a large warehouse operation with pallets stacked six or seven high, you will need to find a forklift that can raise the loads that high.

Not only will the lift need to go high enough to raise the pallets, but the lifting power will also need to accommodate the weight of the pallet as well as the height. The lifting power of the hydraulics diminishes as the load is lifted higher.