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Best Beaches in Philippines You Must Visit


In South Asia, many tourists only prefer to travel to Thailand when it comes to visiting the beaches. This is when many tourists or travelers do not even try to understand the beauty of Philippines. In fact, Philippines is comprised of more than 7000 small islands that has given rise to some of the most beautiful beaches this country has to offer. If you are bound to travel to Philippines, then make sure you visit some of these beaches.

  1. Puerto Galera, Oriental Mindoro – From the city of Manila, take a 3hr drive to visit Puerto Galera which is a popular site that is being protected by UNESCO since 1973. Puerto Galera is known to offer some of the best and stunning beaches for tourists where you can get hooked on to a few water-sporting activities like scuba diving, snorkeling, sailing and swimming. Moreover, you will also be witnessing a few beautiful marine species. However, if you are traveling between the months of April and June, you are bound to find this site packed with tourists.
  2. Boracay, Aklan – Another popular site after Puerto Galera is Boracay where Aklan is known to be the main beach. This beach is comprised of crystal-clear waters and white sands making it perfect to enjoy activities such as scuba diving, swimming and snorkeling. Even beginners can try out these activities due to the gentle water currents.
  3. El Nido, Nacpan – A 45min drive is all that is required to visit the Nacpan beach from the town of El Nido. This beach offers shacks making it perfect to try out a few delicious arrays of sea-food.

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