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Choosing the Right Large Format Scanner for Your Application

Quality improvements and falling prices for digital imaging technology over the past few years have made large-format scanning an increasingly affordable and useful way to preserve, archive, and facilitate greater reproduction of documents.

The latest applications of this technology are very broad, including the preservation of historically important documents and original textiles and clothing, paintings, photographs, maps, blueprints, technical drawings and more. You can also purchase large format flatbed printers via www.inkjetmonkey.com/flatbed-printers.


Here are some questions for you to ask yourself before you start shopping.

1) How wide is the item to be scanned? The width of the scanner is the most important factor in its price. Large format scanning devices are available in various sizes, generally ranging from 25 inches to 44 inches.

Popular sizes include a 36-inch model that can accommodate technical drawings, as well as 42 and 44-inch scanners that are better suited for typical wide format printer sizes.

2) What type and thickness of goods to be scanned? The majority of large format scanners are fed with sheet paper, drawing paper through the device to pass through a stationary scanning head.

Models that are fed with sheets require less space than their flatbed counterparts and are limited only by width rather than length. Some can be fed from individual rolls and sheets.

3) Will you scan photos and artwork, or line drawings and maps? CIS (Contact Image Sensor) technology is best at reproducing fine line details and capturing colors in blueprints, CAD, and technical drawings and maps.