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Common Types Of Hangers

Hangers are the best accessories employed to take better care of your clothes. It may appear easy in nature but they are extremely effective to keep your garments intact. Folding clothes may help but it is a bit daunting particularly if you do not know how to fold the garments properly. You might end up damaging the clothes if you don't learn how to fold it properly. It is the main reason why hangers are essential. You can check out various types of hanger stores online.

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  • Wire Hanger

This is the most frequent form of hanger and this is the most affordable among the other styles. It is curved in a triangular form with a hook from both ends. There are several hangers that are covered with plastic material to avoid corrosion from staining the clothes while there are some that are produced from stainless steel.

  • Plastic Hangers

Plastic hangers are light-weight and cheap. They are commonly used for shirts, blouses, dresses and tanks. For common clothes, this is the perfect hanger to use.

  • Wooden Hangers

It provides a classic appearance and it's regarded as the toughest of all forms of hangers. For garments that need to maintain their shape, this is the ideal form of hanger to apply. It is often used for coats, blazers and others.