The Importance of Fiber In A Weight Loss Diet

Keeping our weight within healthy limits is a constant battle for many of us throughout our life. To reduce weight, if we go on a diet, it is hunger pangs that will keep gnawing at your resolve till you break your diet. But, there is a way to eat a healthy diet at the same time keep hunger at bay. We can achieve weight loss by eating foods that have a high content of fiber.

When you eat foods with a high content of fiber, it makes you feel full but at the same time you are consuming lesser calories. Another advantage is that foods which are high in fiber have to be chewed for a longer time and this means we take longer to eat. This time gap helps in sending a signal to our brain that we have had enough to eat.


There are numerous studies that show people tend to eat about the same weight of food every day. If our diet includes high fiber, water rich foods, you will eat the same quantity and feel full, but the food that you have consumed has lesser calories. Diets that make use of this fact, such as the Paleo Diet are very popular today. Foods that fall under the high fiber, water rich type are: vegetable broths, salads, vegetables and fruits.


To lose weight, in addition to the correct diet, one of the basic necessities is that we should eat our meals at regular timings. Those who eat a breakfast of high fiber such as cereals feel full for a long time and are not tempted to snack before lunch. This is because the fiber, bloats in the stomach and makes it feel full. Due to this feeling of fullness, you can avoid the mid morning snack.

Similarly lunch and dinner consisting of a high fiber diet of soups, salads, fruits and veggies helps in keeping the stomach fuller, for a longer period of time, while at the same time consuming lesser calories. By adding unprocessed bran to meatloaf, potpies, breads and other baked goods, it increases the fiber content and makes the food healthier.

However, it should be noted, that we should start taking increased amounts of fiber only slowly, over a number of days. This will help the body to adapt and will help prevent the stomachs from feeling bloated. Always drink plenty of liquids when the fiber content in the diet is increased.


* Apples – this is an excellent source of fiber. In addition, it is low in calories and makes a healthy snack.

* Apricots – it is very rich in insoluble fiber and since they absorb water they bloat and fill up the stomach.

* Blackberries – this fruit is high in fiber and helps stabilize blood sugar.

* Dates – they do not have fat or cholesterol and contain high amounts of soluble and insoluble fiber.

* Mangoes – they contain lots of fiber and nutrients. This makes a tasty, nutritious snack or dessert.

* Barley – it is a grain which is low fat, cholesterol free and high in fiber. It provides bulk and curbs the appetite. It can be eaten in a variety of ways.

* Bran – it helps you feel full faster since it bloats up in the stomach. It also requires more chewing which helps you not to overeat.

* Peanuts – they are high in fiber and protein and help ward off hunger. They can be crushed and added to a variety of dishes to give the crunchy feel.

These are only a few of the fiber rich foods. There are lots more to select from. By eating a high fiber diet, you will feel fuller and tend to eat less. A high fiber, nutritious diet, coupled with moderate exercise, will help you reduce weight.