To Improve Your Soil, Think Organic!

Healthy soil for growing plants should be about 4 – 8% organic matter, although it often will measure a bare fraction of 1%.

There are certain steps that we can take all year to progress toward the goal of having healthy soil, and the single act of adding some organic matter where you are deficient will go a long way towards making us all better farmers, with a healthier and happier plant. You can get to know about Plant Growth Promoting Bacteria or Growing Cannabis Indoors via an online search.

There are many soil conditioning, soil amendments, and soil improvement choices out there in the market.

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Humic, fulvic, and Acid Ulmic

Humic, fulvic acid, and Ulmic improve soil structure, drainage, root growth, and plant quality. They also stimulate seed germination, neutralize harmful chemicals, increasing cell permeability and help to maintain populations of beneficial soil microbes.

Many humic substances are available today derived from prehistoric plant tissue that has undergone millions of years of pressure, heat and microbial activity. This creates a very rich, compost-like material that supplies a large number of required elements and micronutrients missing from the ground at the moment and is not found in more traditional plant fertilizer.

The best comes from deposits of natural humus with increasing biodiversity due to the fact they are comprised of both tissue Plants and Animals. It is both dry and liquid form user-friendly.

The best of these raw materials are water-soluble, and liquid formulated by a simple cold water thawing process that conserves colonies beneficial microorganisms that are so important (more on those later).