What are the Different Types of Breast Surgery Available?

Currently, there are three types of breast surgery available. One is designed to be used only in medical emergencies such as breast cancer that cannot be conceived in other ways. Another was created to help women who want to have bigger breasts. And the other is designed with the aim of giving women the ability to shrink the size of their breasts if they wish. You can get to know more about breast surgery by visiting clinique-suisse.com/fr/medecine-chirurgie-esthetique/chirurgie-esthetique/poitrine.

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The first type of breast surgery is neither the most popular nor the most recommended but is used on occasion to save someone's life if breast cancer starts getting out of control. Known as mastectomy, this type of surgery is usually only done on a patient if all other breast cancer treatment options have been exhausted. And generally, it should not be considered for other purposes. After the operation is complete, it is possible to replace the breast with a follow-up breast reconstruction surgery.

Perhaps the most popular type of surgery in the breast is breast augmentation surgery. Every year, more and more women who are not satisfied with their breast size decide that they have had enough and choose bigger breasts. This type of surgery involves adding a small (or large) bag of fluid (depending on the procedure you choose) to the inside of the breast to make it bigger and firmer.

Finally, women who have breasts that are much larger than they feel comfortable to have the choice to participate in breast reduction surgery. This type of breast surgery is basically the antithesis of breast enlargement surgery because it is designed to remove material from the breast to shrink it. Breast reduction operations are performed in one of two ways: either by removing the breast implants that are added to reduce the size of a normal breast or by removing tissue to reduce the size of a large breast naturally.